This is why we do what we do. 

“Debbie was amazing at helping me look in the mirror and find my true passion in life. She was able to make me very comfortable so I could look deep inside myself and remember what is fun in life and how to make those dreams a reality. I’m not there yet, but definitely on the right path! Thank you!”

Susie Ceruto

President, SHOCK & AWE Productions, LLC

“Thank you so much for your coaching over the last 8 weeks. You really encouraged and motivated me to think outside ‘my’ box which in turn has propelled my business forward to the next level. You have a great attitude and your sense of humor makes an hour of coaching not only productive, but fun! I wish you all the best in growing your coaching business.” 

Lisa Culling

CPT, Make Healthy Choices

“For the past few years, I had identified a goal but had not acted on it… Debbie has helped me to identify tasks and motivated me to make that goal a reality. The ideas that existed for a while in my mind were, with Debbie’s coaching, turned around into a workable plan that I put into action. First of all by prioritizing the tasks and focusing on the most important first. Regular coaching sessions and status checkpoints made sure I was able to maintain the progress and be successful. As a coach she helped to brainstorm possible solutions to challenges. With her extensive experience in business and her knowledge she has offered valuable ideas on how to handle many different situations. Thank you Debbie! 

Nienke Gijsen

President, Planboard BV

There is a difference between knowing you need to set goals and actually setting them.  Debbie does what all good coaches do: encourages you to set goals, focus your energy, and follow through on those goals.  My day-to-day business can distract me from things like marketing, sales, and networking.  Debbie helped me to make those things a priority again.  When it comes to marketing plans and increasing the bottom line etc., many times business owners are only accountable to themselves.  Debbie holds me accountable. Thank you again for everything Debbie.”

Neal Weaver

Owner/Agent, Weaver Insurance